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Only two members of one of my top three favorite bands have active twitters. Does this mean I need to get into younger bands, or that twitter just isn’t that awesome?

What is one to do at 2:02 am when wide awake but reenergize a dormant Tumblr?


Wednesday is ‘read-the-weekly-Parsha’ day. Parsha means Torah portion, and each week Jews read another section of the Torah during the Saturday morning service in synagogue. 

This past Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) I decided to start a new project: read the weekly Parsha before Shabbat. This comes into use not only because I want to read the entire Old Testament this year, but also because I need to teach the kids who come to Junior Congregation every week at ICCJ. 

Just to give a short summary, this Parsha contains the story about “Joseph and the technicolor dream coat” that every Jewish child learns about in Hebrew school. It turns out that Jacob (now Israel) actually made him a tunic. So Joseph tells his brothers about two dreams that he had. In the first dream, his brothers sheafs in the field bowed down before his sheaf. In the second dream, the moon and the stars circled around him and bowed before him. 

The brothers came to hate Joseph, and at first conspired to kill him. However, Reuben convinced them not to, as they were, after all, brothers. They ended up throwing him in a pit, and soaked his tunic in blood so they could deceive their father by telling them that Joseph must have been killed by wild animals.

Joseph is then sold to the Ishmaelites, and then sold again to the Egyptians. After being in good graces with the Pharoah for some time, his wife tries to get Joseph to sleep with her. Joseph always refuses. One time, the Pharoah’s wife grabbed his loin-cloth, which made him completely naked in front of her, so he ran outside. She then turned against him and told everyone that he tried to rape her, but when she grabbed his cloth, he ran away. When the Pharoah heard, he imprisoned Joseph. However, since G-d was with him, he was not harmed by anyone. 

The end of the Parsha covers the story about how Joseph interpreted the dreams of the cupbearer and chef. He interpreted their respective dreams to mean that the cupbearer would be put back into his position, but that the chef would be beheaded; both in three days. We learn at the very end of the Parsha that Joseph is indeed correct. 

What is most interesting to me is G-d’s involvement, or seemingly lack-thereof. Yes, G-d watches over Joseph and makes the primary jail guard of sorts favor him. However, He did not say or do anything when Joseph’s master’s wife tried to coerce Joseph into bed with her. This seems odd to me especially after reading about what G-d said when Abraham and Sarah (then Abram and Sarai) entered Egypt and became acquainted with the Pharoah, and when the Pharoah became intimate with Sarai. At that time, G-d sent plagues to everyone there until they let Abram and Sarai be on their way. Essentially, it seems to be that G-d is becoming less and less directly involved with what goes on. Just something to keep in mind on my part, perhaps. 

More to come next Wednesday!

Fridays are going to be the new designated “Led Zeppelin show” day, where I listen to a Led Zeppelin show from start to finish and then talk about it here. And no, I don’t mean the three shows that are combined into what we know as ‘The Song Remains The Same.” :-)

And with that, Happy Thanksgiving! 

Idea #1: Hulu+

Hello all. 

I decided to start this up simply because when I have a random idea, song stuck in my head, or funny picture to show someone, this is the perfect medium for it all. 

With that said…

For a minute tonight I actually considered the value of Hulu Plus. I’m not one for buying music or videos online without having the packaging and hard copy CD of it (iTunes…), but it seems like a better catch than having to spend hours online trying to find functional links for old Office and How I Met Your Mother episodes or going out and spending $35 per season. I think Netflix would be Hulu’s direct competitor, as both services offer instant access to movies. I’ll have to look into Hulu’s movie list before I can be too sure, however. If you or someone you know uses Hulu+, let me know if they like it!! Since megavideo got rid of most of their commercial material, this might be the next best option!